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Code Name: MOMMYmia
Age: 39
Body: lean and mean
File: 44 min. video & 187 pics
Mission Summary: What a MILF Carrie is… This hot ass Spanish Mami, is a definite READY TO GO kinda girl… She was definitely ready to go, as soon as she got to the milf pad! She is a certified MILF PRO, I never thought by the look of her, that I would be in for such a time… she suckd, fuckd, and blew my mind by the end of it. SERIOUSLY! What a MILF! You definitely have to check this update out!... No ands, ifs or Butts about it!
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Bagley (3) in his experiments on school children used the card-sorting test in several forms as a test of mental ability. He reports that he found girls some-[p. 27]what superior to boys in mental ability -- a result which is in accord with that of the present test on card-sorting. MILF another experiment which, although not directly comparable with the cardsorting test, is still of the same type, is the one called a test for the rate of perception in the Columbia University series (82). The subject was given a card containing five hundred printed letters, of which one hundred were A's, arranged haphazard, and was asked to mark out all the A's as rapidly as possible. Here, again, the women were more rapid than the men. The essence of the test in this case also is the formation of a new eyehand co-ordination. Both Bryan (11, pp. 192-6) and Bagley (3) find boys slightly superior to girls in precision of movement. Bryan's test was, like the present one, the drawing of a single straight line. Bagley's consisted in tracing top-milf.com a pattern. Bryan also found boys slightly superior to girls in a target test. All these tests on the accuracy of a formed co-ordination agree in showing the male child and adult slightly superior to the female. The experiments on involuntary movements, and movements influenced by the sight of moving objects carried on by Tucker (81, p. 404) with Jastrow's automatograph revealed no difference of sex in children. Miss Stein's experiments (76) on college students, in which she used the same apparatus which was used in the present tests, produced results which are in milf accord with those given above, in so far as they are comparable with them. She finds a somewhat greater proportion of women than men who display spontaneous motor automatisms.

Code Name: MILF mastery
Age: 41
Body: tight
File: 44 min. video & 201 pics
Mission Summary: A buddy of mine and I were waiting for the bus when he spotted Rachel. She was coming from her mother-in-laws house with a batch of freshly baked cookies. After I got a good look at her I just had to hunt this one down. This milf had a succulent pair of tits and one hell of an appetizing ass! I convinced her to give us a ride but not before we pit stopped at her house for some MILF AND COOKIES!!!!
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